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EMILY BEECHAM Covers Rollacoaster Magazine Spring/ Summer 2021



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Actor EMILY BEECHAM wears CHANEL for our SS21 issue

You’d be pressed to find a busier actor than Emily Beecham at the moment. The British actor has several projects being released this year, including Disney’s Cruella and The Pursuit of Love. Calling into the interview from a hotel room in Warsaw while quarantining for a new project, Emily is using her success to find roles that speak to her and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Emily Beecham caught up with Rollacoaster to discuss her current projects, the benefits of escaping her comfort zone, and complex female characters

Emily Beecham wears Chanel 

Photographer: Petros 
Art Director: Milan Miladinov
Stylist: Rose Forde
Makeup: Justine Jenkins
Hair: Shukeel Murtaza
Nails: Metta 
Producer: Sam Geroldi
Words: Henry Petrillo
Editorial Director: Huw Gwyther
Special thanks to Zap Studios

This is a very special pre-order of our Spring/ Summer 2021 issue available ahead of time. Orders to ship Spring 2021